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With Rinaldi Dental Arts you will find a team approach to your complete dental health. The relationship between a healthy mouth and its relationship to common systemic ailments is well documented. Healthy gums, a good night’s sleep, and even a beautiful, functional smile can have an impact on a person’s body and mind. This comprehensive, stress-free dental experience is accomplished with the most advanced philosophies and techniques in dentistry today. Whether you need a cleaning, have a broken filling, have trouble sleeping and snore, or need a complete smile makeover, Rinaldi Dental Arts’ expert team of dentists and hygienists will be there for you.

Become A Patient Today!

Peter is absolutely THE BEST there is! From his caring and attentive bedside manner to his extensive knowledge in his field, he knows exactly what you need and treats you like you’re his only patient each visit. I never feel rushed and would actually love to stay at his new office for hours because it’s sooo beautiful and relaxing – it takes away the fear I have had of going to the dentist all my life and instead I feel like I’m at a spa.

The Rinaldi Dental Arts Process

  • Consultation Visit
  • New Patient Visit
  • Hygiene Visit

Consultation Visit

Perhaps you have a specific desire to improve your smile, have TMJ/TMD pain, or feel that Invisalign may be right for you, simply call to set up a meeting with one of our expert doctors to discuss what is possible for you. At this visit, you will have the opportunity to discuss your questions and concerns. We may take photographs to show you the possible cause of your concerns. Then our treatment coordinator can direct you to your next step, depending on our findings and what will be for you to continue forward.

New Patient Visit

If you would like to become a part of our practice, you can set up a full initial examination with one of our doctors. At this visit, we will perform a comprehensive examination. This would include the gathering of records. Our doctors use digital x-rays, digital scanning, photographs, clinical charting, and other means to customize a treatment plan specifically for you. Together we can discuss your concerns if any, and possible future treatment if needed. Your treatment coordinator will be happy to discuss financial arrangements and schedule any future appointments if needed.

Hygiene Visit

A visit to the Hygienist is not just for cleaning anymore. This is because of all the recent studies that have emerged relating our oral health to our systemic health. Tooth and gum cleanings are done to reduce inflammation. Studies show that nearly half of all heart attacks and ischemic strokes could be prevented with complete health dental treatment.

Oral DNA testing has pinpointed which of the major 7 bacteria cause gum infections and inflammation. The tests are simply done with saliva samples. The results from these tests allow your hygienist to customize the gum and tooth treatment specifically for you. Thus, increasing the potential to decrease oral inflammation. If a patient desires, these tests can be done to provide indicators for potential systemic problems done the road.

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