Full Mouth Reconstruction

Don't let damaged teeth hold you back. Transform your whole smile.//

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Don't let damaged teeth hold you back. Transform your whole smile.//

Full Mouth Restoration

Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth restoration or reconstruction is a process to restore functionality and improve aesthetics. This is a comprehensive solution Dr. Rinaldi generally recommends for patients who have severely damaged teeth and a large number of gaps in both arches. A full mouth reconstruction or restoration is not the same as a smile makeover.

While this treatment will undoubtedly achieve incredible cosmetic results, the main focus is to restore and protect the mouth to enhance both oral and overall health. Your teeth have an array of essential functions, and without a healthy set of teeth, you may struggle to eat and speak clearly. Losing natural teeth can also affect your confidence and mental wellbeing.

Candidates for Full Mouth Reconstruction (Restoration)

An ideal candidate for full mouth reconstruction or restoration would be an individual with several missing teeth, significant periodontal issues, and/or a large number of damaged or decayed teeth. This procedure is not suitable for everyone. Dr. Rinaldi and his team will consult with you to determine whether you are a good candidate for this treatment.

For example, some people are born with conditions, amelogenesis, dentinogenesis, and ectodermal dysplasia, that elevate the risk of losing teeth or developing extensive decay. Alternatively, trauma and dental injuries, bruxism (tooth grinding), and neglect can result in widespread damage. Often, suitable candidates experience unpleasant symptoms linked to a deterioration in oral health, including:

  • Headaches, jaw pain, and muscle aches
  • Tooth loss and decay
  • Worn, weak teeth
  • Broken and severely chipped teeth

If you have any of these conditions, you are likely a candidate for full mouth reconstruction or restoration.

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The Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment Process

Dental restoration planning processFull mouth reconstruction or restoration is a highly personalized treatment, planned meticulously by one or more of our clinicians. We want to ensure an improvement in your overall health. Every patient has unique conditions, wants, and needs, and your tailored treatment plan takes all three of these factors into account. The aim of this procedure is to use restorative services and oral treatments to address dental health issues and replace and repair teeth.

Planning Treatment

Planning is the most crucial element of this treatment. At your initial consultation, Dr. Rinaldi conducts a thorough examination, using digital x-rays, intraoral and extraoral photographs, and visual observations to create your unique full mouth reconstruction or restoration plan. Dr. Rinaldi reviews his observations, various treatment options, and your personal preferences to determine the ideal overall health solution.

Treatments Dr. Rinaldi May Recommend:

There are a variety of dental treatments that Dr. Rinaldi may employ, in combination, to provide you with a strong, functional, healthy-looking smile. Each individual element of your full mouth reconstruction and restoration will dictate the time frame and the types of procedures involved.

  • Porcelain Crowns: Porcelain crowns are the optimum standard to restore both severely fractured and decayed teeth.
  • Dental Implants: Dental implants provide a natural-looking, long-term solution to replace one of more of your missing teeth.
  • Composite Bonding: This simple, quick procedure involves using tooth-colored bonding material to repair chips, smooth uneven edges, and reshape your teeth.
  • Inlays and Onlays: Inlays and Onlays are exceptional restorations, designed to strengthen your teeth when a basic filling will not suffice.
  • Composite Fillings: Fillings replace decayed areas of teeth. Composite fillings provide a discreet, natural-looking aesthetic.
  • Root Canal Treatment: Root canal therapy is a procedure that saves decayed teeth when an infection reaches the pulp. By removing damaged pulp and cleaning and sealing the root canals, it’s possible to bolster the tooth and prevent further infection.

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