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Dr. Peter Rinaldi - Cosmetic Dentist

Peter Rinaldi placed more than 30,000 porcelain veneers.Dr. Rinaldi uses customized treatments to design a smile makeover just for you. In your first consultation, you will have the opportunity to share with Dr. Rinaldi the things you don’t like about your smile, what you love about it, what you wish were just a little different or a lot different. A smile makeover might also provide solutions to restore a smile after injury, to rejuvenate a smile marred by time, to create a brand-new smile by correcting malformed teeth, or to brighten the color of your teeth to the ideal pearly white sheen. A smile makeover is all about perfecting the smile you were born with so that it looks natural, healthy, and gorgeous.

Dr. Rinaldi has vast experience in designing and creating beautiful smiles for his patients that they love. The confidence you will gain through the smile makeover process is truly priceless.

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Are You Interested In a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover can address almost anything you don’t like about your smile. If you look at your reflection and wish for something different, the place to start is with a consultation with Dr. Rinaldi. Together, you and he can discuss those things that make you uncomfortable to smile. Dr. Rinaldi has many years of experience and he will know what to recommend for your individual wishes and goals. He will always answer your questions along the way and help you decide what is best for you.

Some of the components Dr. Rinaldi will take into consideration are your facial appearance and shape, your skin tone, existing teeth color, length, shape, gum tissue, and how your lips display your smile. He will design the perfect smile for you according to your unique considerations.

What Can a Smile Makeover Improve About Your Smile?

There’s not much a smile makeover can’t do to improve your smile. Here are some of the things we improve upon.

Tooth Color

Teeth whitening treatments will improve the shade of stained or dull teeth. A healthy-looking smile is comprised of white, bright teeth. Dr. Rinaldi is skilled at finding the right balance between maintaining a natural tooth color and a white shade that lends to a youthful appearance and a gorgeous smile.

Alignment and Spacing

If you have misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, overlapping teeth, have gaps between them, or even if you are missing teeth, Dr. Rinaldi will recommend treatments to correct the issue. All of these negatively affect the appearance of your smile. Many cosmetic and restorative procedures are available to address your circumstances.

Tooth Length, Proportions, and Texture

Dr. Rinaldi will examine your teeth to discover which teeth are not in correct proportion with each other, usually giving special attention to the two front teeth. Most people find that a pleasing smile starts with two front teeth that are slightly dominant and even with the smile line; a line that follows the edges of your upper teeth. Ideally, your smile line would follow the shape of your upper lip and will help determine how long your new teeth should be. As an artistic dentist, Dr. Rinaldi can even characterize your new teeth to create a feminine or masculine appearance.

Harmony and Balance

Considering these are important to Dr. Rinaldi when he is designing a new smile. Color, alignment, and balance of your teeth are important, but he will also consider how your lips shape or display your teeth in what is called the aesthetic zone of your smile. The results of the cosmetic dental work should be in harmony with your personal appearance, how full your cheeks are, how your lips are shaped. Your smile should look like it belongs to you, as part of your face, expression, and personality. Dr. Rinaldi will share mockups and models with you so you can see what your results will be before you begin your first procedure.

Ready to Begin?

If you are feeling self-conscious about smiling in pictures, speaking, eating, and if it affects your everyday interactions with people around you, a smile makeover can change your life. Dreaming of a Hollywood smile isn’t something you have to be satisfied with. Contact us for a consultation and ask what Dr. Rinaldi can do for you. His treatment plan could entail a series of treatments, or just one to start with. He will work with you in every aspect of the process.

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