Dental Restoration

Dental restoration repairs damage to teeth, replaces missing teeth, and gives you back your natural smile//

Dental Restoration

Dental restoration repairs damage to teeth, replaces missing teeth, and gives you back your natural smile//

Dental Restoration

Dental Restoration Washington, DC

Dental restoration treatments are one of the three main areas of dental services offered by Rinaldi Dental Arts. Our state-of-the-art dental office in Chevy Chase, MD serves patients across the greater Washington D.C., Metro area. Our dental restoration treatments correct dental health issues and improve the aesthetics of your teeth. dental restoration includes several dental treatments, including dental implants, dental crowns, dental bridges, and “invisible” fillings, which repair and restore your teeth to give you the healthy, natural smile of your dreams.

You might be interested in dental restoration services if you haven’t received any dental care in a long time, or your teeth have been damaged or neglected. Dental restoration could also be an option for you if you have crowded or misaligned teeth that you want to correct. At Rinaldi Dental Arts, our qualified team is experienced in both general and cosmetic dentistry. If you are looking for a practice with a long-term history of success, look no further. We are proud to restore smiles each and every day.

What Is Dental Restoration?

Dental restoration, or restorative dentistry, is the practice of restoring the mouth to ensure it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. If your teeth are damaged in any way, or if you have missing teeth, dental restoration can bring your confident smile back. It includes different treatments that will repair cavities and other damage to your teeth, as well as replace missing teeth. Dental restoration allows you to eat and talk normally again, fixing the issues that might cause problems for you in these areas.

The aim of dental restoration isn’t just to improve the aesthetics of your teeth. While it does give you a better-looking smile, the main goal of the treatment is to repair the damage so that your teeth are fully functional again.

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Who Is a Candidate for Dental Restoration?

Man in dental chair for restoration workPeople who require dental restoration may be those who have several teeth that require treatment to repair damaged or missing teeth that need to be replaced. You might even need to have the majority of your teeth addressed to fully and beautifully restore your dental health. Dental restoration treatment gives you the benefit of a plan to restore your teeth and your smile. You can combine multiple treatments to create a healthy smile that you are happy to share again!

You might benefit from dental restoration if you have injured, cracked, or damaged teeth, missing teeth, or worn or eroded teeth.

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