FAQ About Veneers

Dr. Peter Rinaldi answers patient's questions about veneers//

FAQ About Veneers

Veneers Frequently Asked Questions

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As a restoration, porcelain veneers provide a variety of indications for their use. Besides the cosmetic indication for shade and shape change, veneers can restore the strength and function of teeth that are worn and fractured. Where in the past a crown would have been needed to give strength back to a tooth, veneers can be used instead.

No matter what type of material or technique is used to improve one’s smile, everything is dependent upon understanding and getting a good bond. The material of choice is a determination of the clinician. More important is that the dentist uses a highly qualified lab that understands smile design and can work hand in hand with the dentist to provide the best possible treatment.

Price ranges vary depending upon the expertise of the cosmetic dentist performing the treatment and the ceramist who is making the veneers. The better the dentist/ceramist team is, the higher the fee should be.

Veneers don’t necessarily damage your teeth however they are irreversible. Once bonded into the place removing them is difficult. But it is that bond to the tooth that makes them strong. In fact, some studies show that veneers could increase a worn- or broken-down tooth to its original biting force.

They don’t damage teeth, but actually, increase the strength of teeth that are worn or fractured.

If you eliminate the consultation and record-taking visits, the actual veneer process takes 2 visits spread over a 2 -3-week period.

The beauty of veneers is that they are conservative and minimally invasive. A patient keeps 80-90% of their own tooth structure, whereas with crowns 100% of the tooth is taken away. When done correctly, veneers should be indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Experience would be #1.  There are not many dentists in the United States that could have done as many smile makeovers as Dr. Rinaldi over the past 28 years. Secondly would be expertise. Having taught thousands of dentists since 1994 and contributing to journals and textbooks on cosmetic procedures has put me at the forefront of developing new techniques and procedures. Finally, it would be our commitment to providing first-class care and individual attention.

That nobody knows that they had their teeth done. Their friends and family may notice an improvement in their overall appearance but can’t pinpoint the teeth.

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