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Providing exceptional care for our patient family, together as a team.//

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Meet The Team

Providing exceptional care for our patient family, together as a team.//

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Meet The Team

Providing exceptional care for our patient family, together as a team.//


Dr. Peter Rinaldi - Cosmetic Dentist

Peter Rinaldi, DMD, AAACD

Peter Rinaldi, DMD, is a highly sought-after cosmetic dentist here at Rinaldi Dental Arts, a comprehensive, health-centered dental practice that he owns and runs. Dr. Rinaldi is well-reputed for his mastery of veneers, crowns, and stunning makeovers.

Considered a pioneer of modern cosmetic dentistry, he has over 30 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry and currently serves the residents of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Dr. Rinaldi has placed more than 30,000 porcelain laminate veneers and has created exquisite smiles for prominent personalities in the worlds of sports, business, government, and entertainment. Moreover, he is recognized as one of the first dentists to use lasers in the treatment of aesthetic gum re-contouring.

His areas of expertise include Full Mouth Reconstruction as well as all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Rinaldi is also an accomplished lecturer and speaker and throughout his career has lectured on aesthetic procedures and techniques across the United States as well as the United Kingdom. He has delivered instruction on the latest aesthetic dental procedures to many dentists.

Dr. Rinaldi has previously served successfully as a clinical instructor at the Las Vegas Institute and the University of Kentucky Dental School and has been the clinical director for the Aesthetic Advantage Hands-On Continuums at New York University, Baylor College of Dentistry, Palm Beach Community College, and the Eastman Dental School in London, England.

A highly regarded advisor, he has collaborated with top dental companies of the world, such as Kerr, Brasseler, Zenith Dental, Ivoclar, and 3M.

Peter Rinaldi, DMD, received his Doctor of Dental Medicine in 1983 from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, now Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the Maryland State Dental Society.

Dr. Rinaldi was awarded accreditation by the AACD in 1998. He is a Fellow of both the International Congress of Osseous Integration and the International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics. Declared one of “America’s Top Dentists” by the prestigious Consumers’ Research Council of America, he has numerous articles highlighting his innovative approaches, which have been published in leading dental publications.

Dr. Rinaldi has been quoted and featured in magazines such as Vogue, Allure, Marie-Claire, Washingtonian, Shape, Baltimore Magazine, and New Beauty. Furthermore, Dr. Rinaldi is a contributing author in two esthetic textbooks for dentists and physicians, i.e. “Cosmesis of the Mouth Face and Jaw” and “Minimally Invasive Techniques of Oculofacial Rejuvenation.” He attributes his success to passion, hard work, and dedication.

Dr. Rinaldi was selected for by Practical Aesthetics magazine as one of the top clinical instructors worldwide in the field of dentistry in 2001-2003. Moreover, Dr. Rinaldi was chosen to be featured in The Leading Physicians of the World by the International Association of HealthCare Professionals (IAHCP).

Dr. Rinaldi always knew he wanted to be a dentist from an early age, but it was not until he met his mentor, Dr. William K. (Buddy) Mopper, that his true passion for dentistry developed. His introduction to cosmetic dentistry, from learning how to direct sculpt damaged teeth and smiles with composite material to creating complete smile makeovers with porcelain veneers, has made a dramatic impact on Dr. Rinaldi’s career. Now considered a pioneer of modern cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Rinaldi believes that everybody is different, so every smile is different. Hand-sculpting and customizing a patient’s smile is an important aspect of the smile makeover process. It is up to the cosmetic dentist to envision the patient’s smile chairside, then with the input of the patient, relay that information to the ceramist, ultimately creating a personalized smile that is naturally and undetectably beautiful.

When not creating beautiful, new smiles, Dr Rinaldi can be found at the golf course endlessly practicing his game or spending time with his wife and children. Dr Rinaldi loves to cook and spending his evenings watching old movies.


Alexander Rinaldi DMD

Alexander Rinaldi, DMD

Alexander Rinaldi DMD, eldest son of Dr. Peter Rinaldi DMD, always dreamed of following in his father’s footsteps of becoming a dentist. Dr. Alexander Rinaldi graduated from William Paterson University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine from Rutgers School of Dental Medicine.

Throughout dental school, he was an active member of the American Student Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. Similar to Dr. Peter Rinaldi, Dr. Alexander Rinaldi also shares a love for esthetic dentistry. Additionally, Dr. Rinaldi has a true passion for dental surgery and enjoys combining these two aspects of dentistry together to create beautiful smiles for his patients.

Dr. Alexander Rinaldi’s care and compassion, as well as his acute attention to detail, allows him to provide outstanding treatment for his patients. Aside from dentistry, Dr. Rinaldi enjoys cooking, golfing, and spending time with his friends and family.


Dr. Damian Blum of Maryland Sleep Solutions

Damian Blum, DMD

Born in Argentina to a poor family, Dr. Blum’s parents emigrated to the United States when he was only 10 years old in order to escape discrimination and persecution and to give their children a chance at a better life. Although his parents only had a six-grade education, their wisdom, love, and compassion helped to propel him to become the first person in his family to achieve a post-graduate education.

From his parents, he got his passion and calling to help and serve others. Having studied under many of the top clinicians in the world for the past 35 years.

Dr. Blum began his journey toward becoming a dentist as a volunteer at the Sinai Hospital Dental Clinic and eventually graduated from UMBC with a BA in Biology / Psychology. He went on to Boston University’s School of Dental Medicine, graduating with a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree in 1983. In that same year, he opened the doors of his first private practice in Baltimore, and later opened the doors of a new practice in 1987 in Ellicott City MD.

Passionate about education and sharing knowledge, Dr. Blum believes that if someone has the opportunity to learn something, they should pay it forward. Dr. Blum attends training and conferences year-round, sometimes as a student, and other times as the instructor. He is also a past Clinical Instructor at the University of Maryland Dental School.

In recent years, Dr. Blum has been lecturing and training other dentists around the country in improving patients’ airways, sleep-disordered breathing, and in alternative therapy for those who cannot wear a CPAP machine. He also has spoken and trained other dentists in the therapeutic and cosmetic uses of Botox® to help with migraines, TMD, and Orofacial pain management in addition to using other modalities for the same purpose of pain management.

Dr. Blum has become one of the most sought-after clinicians and dental speakers in this country! Today, his professional time is spent on helping patients, teaching and training other clinicians and their teams, to do what he does.

Dr. Blum’s practice is focused on helping patients who suffer from Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders such as Sleep Apnea and Snoring as well as those who suffer from TMD and Orofacial pain. His reputation for performing the highest-quality dentistry is only rivaled by his kindness and penchant to turn a smile. When he was involved in Dentistry, he brought compassion and excellence to the art of dentistry, excelling in cosmetic dentistry, and smile design. When asked what he likes most about his work, he says he loves it when he absolutely knows that he has made a true difference in someone’s life — “one of the most amazing feelings in the world.”

From using and customizing life-saving treatment plans for patients with obstructive sleep apnea and those who are CPAP intolerant, to helping patients who have suffered from Craniofacial and Orofacial pain for many years, so that they become healthier and happier again — these are the reasons Dr. Blum loves doing what he does every day!

For more than 35 years, Dr. Blum‘s patients have benefited from his dedication to improving their oral and systemic health. He maintained a “mercury-free” dental practice for many years after finding, through existing research, that mercury was a neurotoxin and not safe to place in patients’ mouths.

He also discovered and understood, through the research and literature, the ever-present relationship between dental problems, periodontal problems, Orofacial pain, TMD, headaches, systemic inflammatory diseases, and problems with the patient’s airway and breathing.

Once he started researching and digging deeper into the connection between systemic health, airway blockages, and sleep-disordered breathing, there was no turning back.

Dr. Blum’s sole purpose has become helping his patients and teaching other dentists and allied health professionals about airway problems and sleep-related breathing disorders, so they can help their patients as well. “Building health is not about competition – it’s about community.”

Through his clinical practice, lectures, and workshops, Dr. Blum has made it his quest to spread the word about the treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders. Dr. Blum always makes the space and time to volunteer and give to people and organizations in need. “One of the best parts of being in a community is the act of building it.” Dr. Blum participated in the Give Back a Smile Program by donating restorative and cosmetic dentistry services to survivors of domestic violence. In addition, Dr. Blum had donated his dental services for many years through the Maryland Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped, taking on patients who were experiencing difficulties and had have slipped through the cracks of Health Care programs, or had disabilities that rendered them unable to care for themselves.

When not treating patients, Dr. Blum and his wife, Betsy, travel around the country teaching other dentists how to help their patients deal with the effects of sleep-related breathing disorders, including snoring and sleep apnea. He also enjoys reaching out to the community, geeking out to good music, and getting involved in just causes. At home, he can usually be found performing cooking experiments, gardening, and working on the farm side by side with his wife Betsy. Both he and Betsy were married before, and they both lost their spouses to cancer. Their union is about love, understanding, and second chances in life. Their four children (from oldest to youngest), Bill, Beth, Ashley, and Rye, along with their four grandchildren are their pride and joy.


Fadi Hasan, DDS, MSD

Fadi Hasan, DDS, MSD

Dr. Hasan obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from The University of Colorado, School of Dentistry in 2011. Afterwards, he completed a 3-year surgical residency in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry at the Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015. During his surgical residency, he learned advanced techniques in both non-surgical and surgical Periodontology such as Periodontal Plastic Surgery (gum grafting), complex bone grafting, dental implants, and other specialty surgeries related to the gums and bone around the teeth.

While in residency, Dr. Hasan also completed his Master of Science in Dentistry with emphasis on L-PRF which was later published in the Journal of Visual Experiments. Shortly after completing his residency program, Dr. Hasan became Board-Certified, a distinction only a handful of surgeons achieve and maintain.

Hasan also teaches as an adjunct clinical assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University for the post-graduate residency program.

Dr. Hasan is a member of The American Board of Periodontology, The American Academy of Periodontology, Virginia Society of Periodontics and The Academy of Osseointegration.

Dedicated to providing you with the best care available, Dr. Hasan constantly advances his practice through continuing education by attending national and international meetings.

Dr. Hasan finds great pleasure in community service and have participated in dental missions locally as well as abroad in Vietnam and Cambodia. Dr. Hasan is also known to be avid dancer and competed and won the 2015 Dancing with the Richmond stars competition, a charitable event to raise funds for the Virginia Treatment Center for Children.

Dr. Hasan also has a passion for dental photography and you will see him posting some of his surgical cases on Instagram @fkh.implant.perio


Soonyoung Kim – Registered Dental Hygienist

Soonyoung obtained a Bachelor’s Degree of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene in 2002, she graduated with Magna Cum Laude and was added to the Wall of Honor.

Soonyoung is licensed to administer local anesthesia and prides herself in staying current with the latest research in preventative oral health care as well as emphasizing the connection between oral and overall health. She constantly adapts to the latest techniques for diagnosing and treating periodontal disease. Soonyoung built her career based on the principles of compassion, integrity, and quality of care.

Dr. Rinaldi and Soonyoung have worked together for nearly a decade, you will find that she is
compassionate, able to put her patients at ease, and ensure a positive dental experience. We are
lucky to have such a gentle and qualified dental team member. Her enthusiasm to maintain high and current standards in the profession of periodontics is truly appreciated by her patients and the dental team.

Soonyoung is the mother of two musically talented boys.  She enjoys going to her sons’ orchestra
performances and spending time with her family.

“I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful team that truly cares about each and every person
that walks through the door.  I look forward to continually expanding my knowledge and appreciation
for dentistry and meeting many more wonderful people!” Soonyoung stated.


Geovanna Carbajal – Patient Coordinator

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Darryl Herndon – Dental Assistant

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Billie Jean Repine – Dental Assistant

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Christina Waitt – Practice Manager and Treatment Coordinator

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Dr. Rinaldi has been my dentist for the past decade. He is highly skilled and very
engaging. All professionals, paraprofessionals and administrative staff are caring, efficient and effective. I
particularly appreciate the timely responses when I have urgent dental care needs, which have arisen from time
to time. I highly recommend Dr. Rinaldi and his practice.
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