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A Guide To Full Mouth Reconstruction

woman smiles confidently
A woman smiles confidently with straight white teeth and good dental hygiene.

It’s no secret that a shining grin can help you get ahead in life. 28% of young adults believe that the state of a person’s oral health directly correlates to job interview success, and 97% of them consider their oral health to be a priority.

However, life happens, and sometimes even the most conscientious and responsible individuals find that they have issues with their dental health.

For many of these patients, full mouth reconstruction is a prudent and effective option. But what is this dental procedure? What, exactly, does it entail?

Here, we’re going to answer these questions and talk about the benefits of full mouth restoration. Read on to learn how you can work with Dr. Peter Rinaldi to feel confident in your smile again.

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction (or restoration) is a holistic procedure designed to correct all aspects of your oral hygiene that need work. It is recommended for those who have multiple decaying or missing teeth and those who have gaps on both arches within their mouths.

This procedure, while it does have cosmetic benefits, isn’t meant to be a cosmetic treatment. Instead, it’s intended to identify and correct oral health issues that you have or may develop as a result of your tooth decay and degeneration.

How Does the Process Work?

Full mouth treatments are lengthy and therefore tend to be conducted in multiple stages. Rather than one treatment, you can think of full mouth reconstruction as a series of smaller treatments that combine to create a larger one.

A combination of dental crowns, fillings, inlays, onlays, implants, and bridges will likely be used during your procedure. Some patients will also need dentures and bone grafting.

These procedures will not necessarily all happen during the same visit, but they can in some situations. Our team will sit down with you to come up with an individual treatment plan that works for your needs and your smile.

Signs You May Need Full Mouth Reconstruction

While it is a life-changing procedure for many patients, full mouth reconstruction isn’t for everyone. Many patients who have problems in one area of the mouth simply need dental implants or another simple procedure.

There are a few surefire signs that you need dental implants, however:

  • You’re experiencing frequent jaw pain/aching muscles
  • You frequently get headaches with an unidentifiable source
  • You have many gaps in different areas of your mouth
  • You’re experiencing tooth decay in multiple locations
  • Your teeth are weak and worn
  • You’re struggling to talk and eat as a result of the state of your mouth
  • You have severe tooth chipping in more than one area of the mouth

While not all patients that experience these issues need full-mouth restoration, it’s a good idea to talk to Dr. Rinaldi if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms.

What Are the Benefits?

Now that you know how full mouth reconstruction works, it’s time to learn about the many benefits of this procedure. Here, we’re going to discuss the specific ways that getting this surgery can make you a more confident and healthy individual. Read on to learn what our team can do for you!

Restores Your Confidence

According to the ADA, 40% of Americans are embarrassed about their smile. One in four adults also avoids smiling because of the state of their oral hygiene.

If this describes you, it’s likely an understatement to say that you’ve lost your confidence. This is a terrible feeling, but full mouth reconstruction works to ensure that all aspects of your teeth and bite are in top shape. You won’t need to worry about others judging you for your mouth’s appearance- instead, you can rest assured that you look amazing.

Additionally, many patients have difficulty talking and chewing because of tooth decay. This is another factor leading to embarrassment, and it is also taken care of by full mouth restoration procedures. When all is said and done, you will be able to speak and eat easily again and never feel the need to hide your mouth while talking to others.

Helps Your Overall Bite

When you have missing teeth, the other teeth that surround it will shift into the gaps in your mouth. This is problematic because teeth shifting out of position can be painful. It also can make it more difficult to eat and speak, and it can cause long-term bite problems if you don’t take the necessary steps to correct it.

When our team restores your smile, we will take steps to ensure that all of your teeth remain secure and in the appropriate place. The fact that surrounding teeth will be reconstructed also means that your teeth will have no room to shift and become an issue.

Prevents Other Dental Issues

If your teeth and gums are insufficiently taken care of, other oral health problems are sure to surface. These issues include bruxism (teeth grinding) and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Because these problems are painful and take a lot of effort to fix once they surface, it’s best to reconstruct your mouth today and prevent them from arising in the first place.

Get Started

While there are many dental treatment options that may help specific parts of your mouth, a full mouth reconstruction procedure will help every part of your beautiful smile to shine again.

Now that you know about full mouth reconstruction and its many benefits, it’s time to get started. Schedule an appointment to ask us any lingering questions that you may have. Dr. Rinaldi and the rest of our team are happy to discuss the possibilities for dental treatments that will help you.

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