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Chevy Chase Gum Recontouring

Reshaping Your Gum Line for a More Balanced Smile

Restore Your Gums and Boost Your Oral Health

When it comes to gum treatments, we offer both gum recontouring and gum grafting services to get you feeling your best.

But, what is gum recontouring and gum grafting? We’re glad you asked.

Gum recontouring is a minimally invasive procedure that involves reshaping your gum line to reveal more of your teeth’s natural enamel.

On the other hand, gum grafting is a restorative treatment that can help add volume to your gums if they are thinning or receding from the enamel. During this procedure, we will carefully transplant healthy gum tissue to create a fuller gum line.

Restore Your Gums and Boost Your Oral Health

Benefits of Gum Recontouring and Gum Grafting

Here are some of the main benefits of getting gum recontouring or gum grafting treatments:

  • Enhanced Smile: With gum recontouring, you can say goodbye to your “gummy smile” and hello to a more balanced smile — while gum grafting can help restore a natural and healthy gum line, making your smile look more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Reduced Risk of Decay: By correcting uneven or receding gums, these procedures can make it easier to clean teeth properly and reduce the risk of decay.
  • Improve Overall Oral Health: Gum recontouring and gum grafting can improve your oral health by reducing the risk of Periodontitis and protecting your teeth in the long run.

Giving You a Smile (and Gum Line) You’ll Love

When you have “too much of a gum line”, it may look like you have a gummy smile.

When you have “too little of gum line”, it may look like you are older, or it can cause you to have tooth sensitivity issues.

No matter your reason for wanting to come in to alter your gums, we are here to listen to your concerns and come up with a treatment plan that works best for you aesthetically — and with your oral health at top of mind! Reserve an appointment with Rinaldi Dental Arts to find out if gum grafting or gum recontouring may be a good option for you.

Giving You a Smile (and Gum Line) You’ll Love