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Chevy Chase Gum Whitening

Pigmentation Results That Last

Achieve Healthier-Looking Gums with Gum Whitening

Having darkened, discolored, or patchy gums can take a hit at your self-esteem. That’s why we offer Chevy Chase gum whitening services!

At Rinaldi Dental Arts, we specialize in premium gum whitening services that have helped numerous patients achieve their desired gum pigmentation, leaving them with healthy, light pink gums. Using a gentle and minimally invasive solution with long-lasting results, Dr. Rinaldi and our team are committed to giving you the beautiful smile you deserve.

Reserve an appointment today and take the first step towards healthier-looking gum pigmentation.

Achieve Healthier-Looking Gums with Gum Whitening

Causes for Dark Gums and About the Procedure

There are various reasons why gums can become darkened, such as genetics, certain medications, lifestyle habits, and inadequate oral hygiene. If you are experiencing darkened gums and fall under any of these categories, you may be a suitable candidate for gum depigmentation treatment.

The treatment process begins with a consultation where our doctors will carefully examine your gums to determine if the procedure is right for you and address any questions you may have.

The actual treatment takes approximately 30-60 minutes, during which our doctors will utilize a depigmentation laser to eliminate any dark or uneven patches on your gums.

How Long Does Gum Bleaching Last?

With our effective and safe treatment, you can expect to achieve a healthy-looking gum pigmentation and feel more confident in your smile. But, how long does gum bleaching last?

Our gum pigmentation services last for many years to a lifetime. The length of your results is completely dependent on you. If you keep up with good oral hygiene and avoid tobacco products, you can expect your results to last a lifetime. If you aren’t taking the steps necessary to maintain the results, it may last just a few years. The results vary on a situation-by-situation basis.

How Long Does Gum Bleaching Last?