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Dr. Karl A. Rose Presentation on the Use of Adhesive Dentistry for Teeth Reconstruction

At Periodontal & Implant Associates of Greater Washington, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality care to each of our patients. We also look to how we can educates our patient to help them make good oral hygiene choices. Part of education and community involvement has to do with engaging in the field of dentistry and in the community. Our office and professionals are always engaged in continuing education and invested in staying up to date on current practices and technologies in the field of dentistry, specifically periodontics and implant dentistry.

Along with this, our office, including Dr. Karl A. Rose, engages in creating and researching new information and contributing that information to the field. Dr. Rose recently gave a presentation on one way to better the field of dentistry that he has seen and observed as he practices at Periodontal & Implant Associates of Greater Washington.

Dr. Rose Presents at Comprehensive Care Study Sessions

Dr. Rose gave this presentation on September 15th, 2017. He presented information at the Comprehensive Care Study Sessions, which is a member organization of the international Seattle Study Club. This event was held all-day as part of a Continuing Education lecture and workshop. The event was held at the Beacon Hotel in Washington DC.

This continuing education event focused on the use of Adhesive Dentistry related to reconstruction of teeth for patients who have advanced tooth wear problems and conditions as well as patients who are unable to afford the placement of crowns on all of their teeth. The event was about how Adhesive Dentistry can allow these patients to afford treatment by accomplishing these goals over time as opposed to in one sitting through crowns. The event also focused on how rebuilding teeth can be done more conservatively in many cases so that the goals are better accomplished.

Presentation on Adhesive Dentistry

Dr. Rose presented on how Adhesive Dental procedures and techniques can be a better method than using crowns (or caps) which can damage teeth more than the adhesive techniques do. Adhesive Dental techniques and the bonding materials used to attach to the tooth are less damaging overall than crowns. The event concluded with a hands-on workshop that accompanied the lecture. This workshop was provided by the 3M Corporation which is a leader in the field of dental materials and techniques. Many attendees learned new techniques and approaches at the course and were happy with their experience there.

Dr. Rose was thrilled to be able to present his research and information to attendees at the lecture and pass on that information to other doctors and dentists in the field. He is also glad to be able to implement his information and skills on the use of adhesive dentistry for teeth reconstruction to his patients at Periodontal & Implant Associates of Greater Washington.

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