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Full Mouth Restoration: Restoring Function and Aesthetics

Some patients who come in for treatment at Rinaldi Dental Arts in Chevy Chase need just a single service to address the issue that they are facing. That’s not the case for everyone, however, and others wind up needing a long list of services to deal with their oral health problems. 

If you live in or around Bethesda and are experiencing a range of oral health problems currently, a full mouth restoration might be in order. With this kind of treatment, you’ll be presented with a range of services that can come together to rebuild your entire oral health picture and have you smiling proudly once again. 

Start with a Focus on Function

It’s frustrating to go through life without the function in your mouth needed to perform daily activities. Things that are easy to take for granted – such as chewing food, speaking to others, and smiling for the camera – can become quite difficult when you have oral health issues. In some cases, patients have been living with these limitations for so long that they almost forget what life was like before the issues started to come up. 

A full-mouth restoration can work toward gradually improving the function of your mouth and teeth, one component at a time. Depending on your current condition, it may take some time to get where you want to be – but the progress will be satisfying and your quality of life will gradually improve along the way. 

Considering the Aesthetic Side

As you start to get more and more function back through the use of various dental treatments, your mind may start to turn toward the aesthetic side of this process. Not only should you be able to have good oral health that allows you full function and comfort from day to day, but you should also be proud of your smile and the way you look. Working with the right dentist on your full-mouth restoration will make sure both the function and the aesthetics come together in a finished package that you will love. 

It Starts with a Single Appointment

If you have been facing a range of oral health issues that have developed over the years, a full mouth restoration might be the right treatment option for your needs. At Rinaldi Dental Arts, we have a combination of treatments and services available to take care of all of the issues you are facing and leave you with a mouth that looks and feels refreshed and ready for the next stage of life. We serve patients from throughout the greater Washington DC area, so call today to make your first appointment.