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Cosmetic Dentistry: Treatments and Benefits

Cosmetic dentistry: Woman patient looking at teeth in mirror in dental chair

Did you know that in 2018 alone, Americans spent $18.79 billion on cosmetic dentistry? Nowadays, perfect smiles aren’t just for the rich and famous, and cosmetic treatment is more affordable than ever.

Today, patients seek out cosmetic dental work to find more confidence in their smiles. But the benefits of cosmetic dentistry don’t stop at whiter teeth, as this treatment can even boost your all-around dental health!

If you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry but aren’t sure it’s right for you, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we explain some of the most common types of cosmetic dental work and how they could benefit you. We also detail their cost and process, so you can make an informed decision.

Keep reading for important information about cosmetic dentistry you won’t want to miss!

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the term for an oral procedure that is meant to improve the appearance of your teeth, gums, and mouth. As this type of treatment becomes more affordable, more and more patients are turning to cosmetic dentistry to achieve their dental goals.

If you’ve been feeling self-conscious about the color of your gums or the alignment of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Benefit You?

There are many reasons that patients seek out cosmetic dentistry. Beyond a brighter smile, there are key benefits that make the process well worth it.

Boosted Confidence

For many patients, the primary reason they seek out cosmetic dentistry is to feel better about their smile and appearance. Whiter, straighter teeth are some of the most sought-after benefits of dental work.

If you have been feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth or gums, cosmetic dentistry can help you get back to a place of confidence. No more embarrassment about smiling in pictures, and less money spent on DIY treatments at home!

Better Dental Health

While cosmetic dentistry makes seem like an unnecessary expense, it can save you money down the road. This is because many cosmetic issues can also impact the health of your mouth when not addressed.

Even something as small as a minor tooth misaligned can impact your dental health. Cosmetic dentistry helps keep your mouth healthy by removing imperfections that could lead to complications later on.

Many cosmetic dentistry patients have found that once their mouth looks better, it feels better as well. Some even report taking more pride and care in their dental hygiene because they want to keep the confidence they have in their smile.

What Are the Types of Cosmetic Dentistry?

Depending on your goals and budget, you have a wide array of cosmetic procedures to choose from.

Dental health providers can help you improve the look of your gums, teeth, and mouth to help you achieve the look you desire. Below, we explain some of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures, and what they may cost you:

Dental Veneers

Dental veneersman getting porcelain veneers are very thin, white covers that Dr. Rinaldi places over your existing teeth. They are attached with oral bonding, a special kind of adhesive made for dental procedures.

Each veneer is made for the tooth you are placing it on, and you can opt for as few or as many as you need. These simple additions will correct both the color and shape of your teeth, allowing you to eliminate chips and discoloration at the same time.

Veneers last for 10 to 20 years, after which time you can opt to replace them if you choose. Veneers are considered to be one of the quickest ways to improve your smile. An entire set of quality veneers that will last a long time and look amazing costs around $35,000.

Teeth Whitening

Close up of whitened teeth vs stained teeth side by side

While you can try your hand at the many DIY teeth whitening treatments out there, there’s no replacing the quality of a professional’s work. Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures around and is quick to do.

Dr. Rinaldi will apply a whitening material directly onto your teeth, and appointments typically last just 30 to 60 minutes. There are several types of whitening products, and you and Dr. Rinaldi can discuss which option may be best for you.

Most patients see a change after just one session, though experts recommend multiple sessions for best results. Talk to Dr. Rinaldi about the cost of treatment.

Composite Bonding

dental inlays and onlays 3D rendering.If you have subtle imperfections you would like to correct, composite bonding could be right for you.

During this procedure, Dr. Rinaldi can eliminate rough edges and chips. They can also ensure that all teeth are properly shaped and matching.

For teeth that need to be longer, Dr. Rinaldo can apply composite bonding to add length. This method can also eliminate gaps.

When done with an expert hand, like Dr. Rinaldi, dental contouring should look natural.

Gum Contouring

Gum contouring procedure 3D illustrationWhile many people are looking for confidence in their teeth, others are looking to improve the appearance of their gums. If you see either too much or too little of your gums, you can change this with gum contouring.

To add more length to your gums, your dentist can graft gum tissue onto them. In areas where you would like to reduce their appearance, you dentists can remove excess tissue with a scalpel or laser.

Gum contouring can quickly and dramatically change the appearance of your mouth as well as lessen your risk of periodontal infection.


Woman wearing Invisalign retainer

One of the most common conditions patients seek cosmetic dentistry for is teeth malocclusion, or crooked teeth. While traditional wire braces were the only treatment option for many years, clear aligners are now just as popular.

Invisalign® is the most well-known and offered type of clear aligners, but most work just about the same way. Instead of painful wires and brackets that need tightening, you’ll get nearly invisible aligners for your teeth.

After Dr. Rianldi examines your teeth and creates a treatment plant, clear aligners are molded to fit perfectly onto your teeth. As your teeth move, you’ll advance to new pairs of aligners.

Invisalign® is popular because it is less invasive and less painful than traditional wire braces. It also requires fewer trips to the dentist’s office and often produces quicker results. Invisalign® can treat even severe malocclusion, making it a versatile form of cosmetic dentistry.

The cost for Invisalign® depends on your goals and the condition of your teeth. Dr. Rinaldi will talk to you about the cost during your consultation. He can answer all of your questions including the cost and how long the treatment will take.

Dental Implants

Dental implant 3D renderingMissing teeth can impact everything from what you eat to your confidence when smiling. To remedy this, dental implants are a great solution.

Implants are strong and function as your natural teeth would. They even look as natural as your other teeth. A long-lasting option, implants typically last from 10 to 15 years when properly cared for.

To insert an implant, Dr. Rinaldi will place it directly into your jawbone. If he feels that your jaw bone in that area is not strong enough to support a tooth, he may perform a bone graft. A bone graft for dental implants is when a bone is taken from another area of the body, often the hip, or from a donor and attached to the jaw. Dr. Rinaldi can also use a special grafting material to build up the bone.

Over time your jawbone will grow around the implant, and eventually, the new tooth will appear as natural as all the rest.

After the implant is stable, you will return to have the abutment placed. The abutment is crucial to keep your crown in place and will strengthen the implant.

When your jaw and gums are healed from the implant and abutment, your dentist can place the actual artificial tooth on them. Keep in mind that a fixed implant cannot be removed, and is secured to your jaw with the abutment.

Some patients prefer to have removable implants. You should discuss this with Dr. Rinaldi if this is your preference. Removable implants are typically at the back of the mouth and can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

Cost and Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Feeling confident in your smile isn’t just for celebrities, it’s for everyone! If you’ve been looking to increase the health of your mouth while also improving your smile, cosmetic dentistry could be right for you. Ready to take the first step towards the life-changing benefits of cosmetic dentistry? Schedule an appointment with one of our experts to find out more about how cosmetic dentistry could benefit you!

Cosmetic dentistry: Woman patient looking at teeth in mirror in dental chair