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What Dental Restoration Can Do for You

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Over time, teeth can chip, crack, decay, or fall out, leaving you with gaps in your teeth and a smile that you’re reluctant to show in public. Damaged teeth aren’t just unattractive—they can also be dangerous. A cracked tooth is more likely to collect bacteria or develop a painful abscess. Similarly, tooth loss may lead to bone shifting, bone loss in your jaw, difficulty chewing, and the loss of other teeth in the region. Fortunately, if you seek dental restoration treatment in time, a broken or lost tooth can be a mere inconvenience.

When you set up an appointment with Rinaldi Dental Arts, we’ll evaluate your damaged teeth and figure out which solution is best for you. In mild cases, you might need a crown or filling to restore your teeth to their original appearance. We also offer dental bridges and implants for people who have lost teeth. Here’s a look at your dental restoration options in our clinic.

Dental Crowns

dental crown 3d illustrationIf you’re dealing with partial tooth loss, dental crowns fit over your teeth to restore their natural shape. We offer porcelain crowns that match the color of your natural teeth so nobody will notice the difference. Dental crowns fit snugly over your existing tooth, restoring the shape so you can chew, eat and live your life normally again.

We recommend dental crowns for people with damaged or decayed teeth. A chipped or cracked tooth could have sharp edges that cut the inside of your mouth. Similar, decayed teeth put you at risk for infections and further tooth damage. Dental crowns seal off the tooth so your mouth is safe, comfortable, and infection-free.

With a dental crown, your tooth will be stronger than ever. You can start eating hard and crunchy foods that you previously had to avoid. They also restore your tooth’s appearance, which improves your smile if your tooth was yellowed or discolored.

If you’ve lost a tooth, a crown can act as a replacement. We’ll shape your tooth, then add the crown over the top. It looks and feels just like your regular teeth. To maintain your crown, you’ll brush and floss just like you would normally. You might even forget that you have a dental crown after a while.

Dental Fillings

different dental filling materialsDental fillings repair decayed and damaged teeth by filling the gap with metal or resin. This restores your tooth’s shape, eliminates sharp edges, and makes your tooth hard and sturdy again. The dentist cleans your tooth before they add the filling to remove bacteria.

Traditional dental fillings are made of metal. They repair your teeth and prevent further damage, but they grab everyone’s attention when you open your mouth. This makes some people reluctant to open their mouths because they don’t want to broadcast to the world that they have damaged teeth.

Rinaldi Dental Arts offers dental restoration that includes invisible fillings that are indistinguishable from your natural teeth. The composite resin replicates the color of your existing tooth so that it looks like the damage never happened. Our resin can match the color of lightly discolored teeth, but you could also have your teeth whitened if you’d prefer clean white resin.

If you already have metal fillings, we can replace those with composite resin fillings. This could improve your self-esteem if you’ve always felt awkward about your metal fillings. You’ll be able to smile again—and no one will notice the difference in your teeth.

Dental Bridges

3d model of dental implants and dental bridges scaled

A dental bridge is a dental restoration that provides a full set of teeth again by bridging the gap between your remaining teeth. Whether you’re missing one tooth or multiple teeth in the same area, dental bridges fit seamlessly into your mouth to fill in the gap. Rinaldi Dental Arts offers bridges that look just like your existing teeth so they won’t stand out whenever you smile.

To install dental bridges, we attach crowns to your existing teeth with at least one replacement tooth in between. Unlike other dental appliances, dental bridges are permanent—you can’t remove them like dentures. However, this makes them even more convenient to use. You won’t have to worry about them falling out, and you’ll clean and brush them just like ordinary teeth.

Without dental bridges, the gap in your teeth could cause various health problems. You might suffer from headaches, gum disease, crooked teeth, and bacterial growth that could lead to an infection. Tooth gaps also make it harder to eat and talk normally. Since you’re missing a tooth, your jawbone might become weak because you’re not exercising it in that region. These reasons and more make it vital for patients to invest in dental bridges.

Dental Implants

Dental implant 3D renderingIf you’re missing teeth, dental implants offer a long-lasting dental restoration that looks just like your remaining teeth. Dental implants look, feel, and function just like regular teeth. They can last for twenty years or more, making them an investment that you could value for the rest of your life. They’re also more permanent than other types of fixtures—while some might fall out, dental implants attach directly to your jaw bone.

When you get dental implants, the dentist uses titanium posts to replace the root of the missing tooth. They attach the replacement tooth to the posts, then attach the posts to your jaw bone to secure them in place. Your dentist can use implants to replace one tooth as well as several missing teeth. Either way, your teeth will be able to function normally again.

We offer dental implants for patients who lost teeth due to decay or accidents as well as patients who had a decayed tooth pulled at our clinic. Once you’ve replaced your teeth with dental implants, you’ll have a reduced risk of health issues like bone loss, teeth shifting, and bacterial growth. You’ll also be able to talk normally and enjoy your favorite foods again.

Request a Dental Restoration Appointment Today

We’re accepting appointments for new and returning patients at Rinaldi Dental Arts. We offer a state-of-the-art facility that cleans and protects your teeth with advanced medical technology. Our professionals have seen just about every dental condition—and that gives us the experience that we need for top-of-the-line treatment.

Our services include cleaning, restoration, and cosmetic dentistry to give you a dazzling smile. We’ve helped patients suffering from tooth problems and gum disease as well as jaw issues like TMD and TMJ. Call our office today to ask questions, learn more about our services and schedule an appointment at our facility.

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